Bridgeport’s The Stepkids drop new video for “The Lottery”

In their outlandish and mind-bending music videos, The Stepkids have conjured B-boys and juggalos, human-eating aliens and weary-eyed, drug-dazed wanderers.

Now, on the video for the first single from their upcoming second studio album, “Troubadour” (Stones Throw), the Bridgeport psych-soul enchanters hit us with their strangest character yet: a trombone player-turned-star stripper.

Directed by New Haven filmmakers Nicki Chavoya and Lisa Amadeo, the video for “The Lottery” centers on Tom Bone (played by Jonathan Arons, who recently made a name for himself on America’s Got Talent and The Tonight Show) as he climbs to the top of the exotic dancing world (check out the video below).

The Stepkids recently performed Bonnaroo, where they were included on Spin’s list of “The 10 Best Things We Saw on Thursday.” “Troubadour” is due out on Stones Throw Records Sept. 10.

Scott Gargan