Nest Arts Factory marks summer solstice with exhibition


Some mark the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, with pagan rituals, celebrations at Stonehenge and yoga classes in Times Square.

Bridgeport’s Nest Arts Factory marks the occasion in a way that’s a bit more understated, albeit no less celebratory — with art, wine and bluegrass music.

“Solstice Summer Exhibition” opens with a public reception on Friday, June 28, bringing together artists of various genres who explore the sun, light and other creative interpretations of what many cultures call Midsummer.

“We asked for work that speaks to the theme in terms of light, or historical events that have happened that time of year, cultural references to solstice, or even something as opened ended as summer itself,” said New York City artist Mary Jo Lombardo, who curated the exhibition.

Though it will take place a week after the actual summer solstice, the opening of the exhibition will carry the same “vibrant, energetic vibe” of the day with the longest period of sunlight, Lombardo said.

Scott Gargan