Bound by boredom (Part IV): More than books for teens at libraries


As the summer enters what is, so far, is most sizzling stretch, area libraries are likely to become a cool respite, as well as a place for teens to pick up some additional skills and have some fun. As I have done during previous days, here are several more libraries and the activities they are offering to teens this summer.

With this installment, I look at Wilton, Ridgefield and Danbury.

Wilton Library – Similar to other libraries in the area, Wilton Library has made sure to have a full slate of activities to ensure the doldrums do not set in.

The overall teen summer reading program is under way, but hopeful participants may still register.

Throughout the next two months, there also will be plenty of time for young people to improve their culinary talents, engage in a scavenger hunt and pick up on some self-defense skills for teen boys and girls. A full list of activities can be found here. Most require registration.

Ridgefield Library – As with the other libraries, teens are encouraged to take park in a reading program this summer. The details can be found here. (Watch the video above for more information.)

However, there are other events that are geared toward teens in the Ridgefield community. There are two groups that meet on a weekly basis to talk about the media they have been consuming. The Young Adults program is open to those in grades 6 to 8, while the high school program is open to those in grades 9 to 12.

A scavenger hunt is planned for Wednesday, July 17, and on Aug. 8, teen reading participants can try their hands at tie-dying.

Danbury Library – The summer teen reading program, “Reading is Out of This World,” continues through Aug. 10, while the chess club continues to meet on Thursdays. Those into arts and crafts will be happiest on Tuesdays, when the library hosts events such as working with felt and creating banners. Tomorrow, watch a movie with an out-of-this-world theme and enjoy some pizza.

For more information, check out the library’s Teen Zone.

Next up: Orange, Stratford and Milford

Christina Hennessy