Bridgeport tattoo artist survives first round on ‘Ink Master’

In the first episode of Spike TV’s ‘Ink Master,’ ES Barazza found himself behind bars.

But, thanks to his inking acumen, he made it out alive.

Barazza, of Bridgeport, survived the first round of Spike TV’s reality tattoo competition, impressing judges with his single needle tattoo of a prisoner at a maximum security prison in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“People always judge me, they say, ‘He’s probably just some kid from the hood, but I got skills. I prove it every time,” said Barazza, who has been tattooing for 16 years.

In this instance, the judges agreed.

“There’s some great elements to this tattoo,” Oliver Peck said of Barazza’s design. “A little bit of peppery shading you got in there — it’s what single needle tattoo is all about.”

Watch the full episode here and watch Barazza’s introductory video, below:

Scott Gargan