‘Kool-Aid Wino’ opens at Stamford’s Franklin Street Works


“Kool-Aid Wino” — a group exhibition curated by Brooklyn-based writer and critic Claire Barliant — opens at Franklin Street Works in Stamford this weekend.

A free, public reception and performance by Aki Sasamoto will be held on Saturday, July 20 from 5-8 p.m.

The exhibition “explores the foregrounding of mistakes and missteps in contemporary art” through photographs and video projections by artists Anne Carson, Choi Dachal, Frank Heath, Owen Land, Rotem Linial, James Merrill, Alice Miceli, Jenny Perlin and Aki Sasamoto.

Franklin Street Works describes the concept behind the exhibition this way:

The show starts with the widely accepted premise that artistic process relies on trial and error. You try something, you mess up, you move on. But what if you stay with that mistake, or that troubling passage, and make it the focus? What if you let it be awkward, an irritant, wiggle it like a loose tooth or pick at it like a scab that never quite heals? What if, instead of being one (quickly deleted) step toward success or resolution, the error becomes the climax and the denouement—an end point in itself, or even a goal? Hence the title Kool-Aid Wino, which comes from “Trout Fishing in America” by poet and author Richard Brautigan, who deliberately fudged words while writing in order to invent new ways of saying things.

“Kool-Aid Wino” is on view at Franklin Street Works from through Sept. 22.


Scott Gargan