‘Hypefest’ taps emerging talent for Stamford hip hop concert

The Perk Influence 1

jahanPictured: (Above) The Perk Influence and (right) Jahan Nostra are among the artists to perform at HypeFest in Stamford on Saturday, Aug. 24.

If you turn your attention to the stage at the Yerwood Center this weekend, you could be looking at “the next big thing in music.”

That’s the message from Jesse J. Perkins, aka The Perk Influence, the promoter behind a new hip hop performance series that rolls through Stamford on Saturday, Aug. 24.

“We want to this concert to be the breaking ground of major artists,” said Perkins, of Stamford. The basis of the event “is to take that deserving talent and give them the same opportunity that a major act would receive.”

Dubbed “Hypefest,” the Stamford edition of the concert tour boasts a bevy of regional emcees: Sity the Genie, Jahan Nostra, The Perk Influence, Dublin, Rizzla, Trish Harmony, Kaviar, Samroy and Wild Chyle, all of Stamford; Gambino and Jupiter, both of Norwalk; Skavenjas of Bridgeport; Ancient and Oscar Black, both of Hartford; Gold of New Britain; and Mr. Blocks of New York City.

“Progress is the process . . . and the HypeFest is trying to set the standard,” Nostra said.

For tickets to the concert, go online or call 203-72-MUSIC. Part of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to local nonprofit organizations.

Following the Stamford show, HypeFest will move onto the New Britain YMCA on Saturday, Aug. 31 and the University of Rhode Island Student Union on Friday, Sept. 13. More concert stops are in the works.

Perkins hopes to turn HypeFest into a concert brand akin to Hot 97 Summer Jam or Rock The Bells. The difference is that while the aforementioned festivals showcase major talent, Perkins want to give emerging talent a chance to shine.

Said Perkins: “I feel that this is the start of something great and I do ask everyone reading to take part in it.”


Scott Gargan