Silhouette dancers get standing ovation for Newtown tribute on ‘America’s Got Talent’

A team of silhouette dancers launched itself to the top of the “America’s Got Talent” scoreboard last night with a show-stealing performance that paid tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Catapult Entertainment, which performs behind a screen using their bodies to project eye-popping images and stories, honored the victims with a routine set to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (A singing group comprised of Newtown students performed the song on the “Today” show earlier this year).

Following the performance, the group, which includes Stamford resident Rebecca Moore and Kent resident Adam Battelstein, received a standing ovation from the teary-eyed audience at Radio City Music Hall.

“It was a great, moving performance,” Newtown resident Phil Otto, who attended the performance, posted on Facebook. “The fact that I live in Sandy Hook made it that much more beautiful.”

The judges were just as floored.

“Wow, you guys are on a different level of imagination,” judge Heidi Klum gushed. “It is so beautiful to watch what you guys do behind that screen with your bodies.”

She added: “Hands down, to me, this is the best act of tonight. I love it.”

Catapult Entertainment has been en fuego since its audition in June. At the time, they earned a standing ovation and advanced to the next round of ‘America’s Got Talent’ in Las Vegas. The group moves onto the semifinal round, to be aired on Aug. 27.

Battelstein, the director of Catapult Entertainment, said in a segment prior to last night’s performance that the group hoped to follow up their audition “with a story that really reaches from the heart.”

“It was a huge blow to a lot of us living in Connecticut,” Battelstein said, referring to the Dec. 14 shooting that took the lives of 20 students and six adults. “And I wanted to do something that honored their loss.”

Check out the performance from last night, below:

Catapult Entertainment, Top 60 performs ~ AGT 2013 by HumanSlinky

Scott Gargan