Stamford’s Avon Theatre targets young professionals in new ad


Are you a young professional living in Stamford? Looking to escape your apartment? Not sure where to get your cultural fix?

The Avon Theatre could be your new refuge.

Stamford’s downtown art house recently released a new commercial geared toward 20- and 30-somethings who may be looking for a nightlife alternative to the bar scene or the living room couch.

Created and written by Avon director of communications Bridget Stokes, the new 2-minute ad centers on a bored, listless 20-something who starts seeing mysterious messages (first in her local newspaper, then on her cellphone) luring her to 272 Bedford Street (the Avon’s address). Filming for the new commercial took place at the Avon and Lorca.

The commercial was directed by Rob Johnson of Guerrilla Coast Pictures.

Check it out, below:

Scott Gargan