UConn Stamford grad Anna Lakomy takes a shot at film career

Anna Lakomy, a UConn Stamford graduate, may have studied psychology at the school, but for the past year or so, her time and efforts have been less about studying real people and more about exploring the minds, motives and behaviors of fictional characters.

Since March 2012, Lakomy of Shelton has been pursuing an acting career, as well as her dream of opening her own production company.

On Sunday, Lakomy will get a chance to see herself on the big screen when the comedic short, “Vamp,” is shown at the 10th annual Big Apple Film Festival in New York City. In this film by Joseph DeAngelo and Zack Chapman, Lakomy plays a news anchor who reports on what one man believes is a vampire attack – perpetrated by his best friend’s girlfriend.

“I have to relate this outrageous news in a dry manner,” she said of her role, which she won in an audition during the summer of 2012. Shot in Staten Island, N.Y., the film has been screened at other festivals in the past, including the Coney Island Film Festival and the Pollygrind Film Festival in Las Vegas.

Lakomy, who is originally from Brooklyn, has been working to establish herself as an actor and filmmaker since deciding to pursue this path. She said she began to consider acting after picking up a book about how actors become actors.

“I thought, ‘I’m going to try this,’ ” she said. “This is the ultimate challenge.”

She said her participation in Project Social Art, which mixes activism and the arts, also inspired her to pursue an acting career. Since then, she has worked on more than 30 independent film projects.

Having attended the High School of the Performing Arts in New York City (the school made famous by “Fame”), Lakomy is no stranger to the performing arts, but she didn’t start off in acting.

“I was a voice and piano major,” she said, adding that she has always had dual interests when it came to schooling. “Since I was little, it was a conundrum for me … do I follow the arts or sciences. I have been batlling that all my life.”

For now, the arts seem to have won, and as she works to get the word out about “Vamp,” she also has been working on building a network and keeping up with auditions. She also awaits the release of the movie “Welcome to New York,” with Gerard Depardieu and directed by Abel Ferrara, which is set for next year. She also recently completed a movie, “Brave Little Soldier,” which she produced, directed, wrote and starred in.

“It’s entering the festival circuit now,” she said of the 25-minute film, which tells the story of a female soldier who has returned from serving in Afghanistan. You can learn more about her other projects by visiting her website.


Christina Hennessy