Arcade Fire want you to dress to impress at Bridgeport show

Most of us leave our formal attire for weddings or other fancy engagements.

But what about a rock show?

Arcade Fire are asking fans who attend a date on their upcoming arena tour — including a stop at Bridgeport’s Webster Bank Arena on March 18 — to dress to impress.

Included in the details about ticket prices and other rules on Ticketmaster reads the following stipulation:

NIGHT OF SHOW: Please wear formal attire or costume.

It might be an unreasonable demand, given the dance-oriented — and hence, sweat-inducing — nature of their new album, “Reflektor.” But it’s not that surprising coming from a band that tends toward flashy costumes and outsized theatrics.

You might scoff at the idea at first (seriously, how can you enforce a dress code at a rock show?), but maybe it’ll be fun to get all dressed up. If you’re going, just make sure to wear something you don’t mind getting dirty (i.e. leave your Donna Karan gown at home).

Scott Gargan