Bridgeport’s John Ratzenberger wants ‘Cheers’ reunion

Talk of a “Cheers” reunion has been going on for years now, though the gang from the 80s sitcom has yet to get back together.

But that’s not because of any reluctance on the part of the cast, said Bridgeport native John Ratzenberger.

“The cast would like to do it, sure, but that’s up to the people who own Cheers,” Ratzenberger, who portrayed know-it-all postman Cliff Clavin on the long-running NBC comedy series, told TMZ recently (check out the video, below.)

So, it appears that the “Cheers” gang needs the green light from NBC before going ahead with the reunion. Ratzenberger went on to suggest that it would take the support of fans to make that happen, telling a TMZ reporter, “Write yourself a letter.”

Scott Gargan