Your guide to Santa sightings and holiday happenings in Conn.


Aquarium Santa

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, it’s best not to forget what’s really important about the season.

No, it’s not shopping, eating or putting up decorations (although those things tend to occupy a lot of our time) — it’s about family.

So, why not take a break from the mall and enjoy some fun seasonal activities with the kids?

Check out our guide to holiday happenings in the region and beyond:

Scott Gargan

3 Responses

  1. stupidctlibs says:

    It’s ok Scott, twist things all you like. Christmas is here to stay and so is Christ.Enjoy your “winter holiday”! And may God bless all you immature malcontents.

  2. Scott Gargan says:

    Thanks for your comment. Some of the events listed on the slideshow are secular, so the term “Christmas” does not apply.

  3. stupidctlibs says:

    The holiday is CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Don’t be afraid to say it. It’s Christmas, when Christ was born. Call it what it is.