Bridgeport’s Watermark gets set for revue and review


Following on the success of previous “So You Wanna Be a Broadway Star,” events, the nonprofit New Paradigm Theatre Company is planning a similar event at the Watermark in Bridgeport Saturday, Jan. 25, which is calling upon performers of any age to come and show their stuff.

“We saw this as a win, win win,” said Kristin Huffman, a Tony Award winning Broadway performer who is the executive director of the nonprofit theater company.

As she sees it: the residents of the retirement community will get to see a showcase of talent; aspiring performers will get a chance to have their acts critiqued by a panel of experts and the theater’s youth group gets a chance to run a program all on their own.

This “open mic” style musical theater event, as it is called, also will feature a Watermark resident who will serve on the judging panel for each participant. Singers may bring sheet music for the accompanist.

“This is a new initiative,” Huffman said, adding that it came out of the voice lessons she teaches at the Watermark and an effort to bring the Youth Board together with the seniors at the Watermark.

The event will take place from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday at the Watermark at 3030 Park Ave. in Bridgeport. If you want to register, you can email (and pay $10 for your ticket) and if you want to see the show you can pay $5 to be a member of the audience.

Huffman, who also is a professor and a producer, said for the performers the event is the same as a professional audition, but the difference is they get to hear feedback.

“We might get people who have never performed in front of an audience .. or teens who go in to the city to audition regularly,” she said. “That’s what’s great about this event. You just never know.”

The New Paradigm Theatre Company was launched in 2012. Since then, residents from across Fairfield County have been working to make it grow with traditional theater and multimedia productions.

New Paradigm also plans to present some more constructive criticism for those aspiring to the stage when it hosts a Sunday Spotlight with Richard Sabellico on Jan. 26. This free “virtual master class” will provide information and tips about auditioning in New York City. You can visit here to sign up.

Below, you can take a look at some previous mentoring opportunities, including a previous “So You Wanna Be a Broadway Star.”

Christina Hennessy