Lorikeets flocking back to Maritime Aquarium

When I stepped into the Maritime Aquarium’s outdoor aviary, the home of 56 free-flying lorikeets, last summer, I received a very warm welcome.

Within minutes, I became a temporary roost for a pair of tropical parrots. They were probably more interested in the nectar I was holding than they were of me. Still, it was a pretty amazing experience.

Which is why I’m so stoked that the lorikeets are coming back to the Maritime Aquarium this summer.

The popular exhibit, which opens May 24 through Sept. 1 on the Aquarium’s riverfront courtyard, will house more than 50 free-flying lorikeets — colorful medium-sized parrots native to the South Pacific.

“The lorikeets were here last summer and we got such an amazing positive reaction to them from our guests that we are bringing them back,” Judith Bacal, the Aquarium’s exhibits director, said. “Just walking into their aviary and being among these gorgeous birds would be enough. But what’s even better is that you can buy a cup of nectar and they’ll land right on you to feed.”

Check out my story on the lorikeets from last year and peep this sweet video of a lorikeet flock, below:

Scott Gargan