Local musician sings ‘Dark Horse’ in 20 styles, gains millions of YouTube views

anthonyVThree months ago, Anthony Vincent was working hard as a musician, creating unique, customized songs and jingles and looking for opportunities to perform with his band. And then he came upon an idea – an idea that as of this week has gotten him more than 8.2 million views on YouTube.

“This kind of exposure is a game changer,” Vincent said, during a recent interview. “I’m in the process now of figuring things out and thinking about where I am going.”

Up until he uploaded the video “Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Sang in 20 Styles),” where he performs the song in the style of 20 different artists, onto YouTube, Vincent was running 10 Second Songs, which he launched on the online marketplace Fiverr, with the intent of creating short, personalized songs.

These days, he is known as the artist that managed to transform Perry’s song into a seamless rendition arranging the music and singing the lyrics in the styles of Perry, Nirvana, Queen, ‘N Sync, Jamiroquai, Pavarotti, Run D.M.C., Type O Negative and others. It’s best explained by seeing it (which you can below), but let’s just say Vincent manages to move from Pantera to Frank Sinatra.

Initially, he thought adapting songs in that fashion would be a good way to show customers his range, when it came to his songwriting service. But then, the video “blew up overnight,” he said, adding that it only took several days for it to shoot up to 3 or 4 million.

As to how he determined the bands and singers for his “Dark Horse” video, he said he put the list together very quickly. “Luckily, it was a song that was easily adaptable to different styles,” he added.

His second foray into this style, Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty In 20 Styles,” took a bit longer. That video went up last month, and as of this week has about 3.2 million viewers.

Vincent, who is based in Port Chester, N.Y., started in music at a young age, picking up the bass guitar at 11, and forming his first band in high school, in 2005. (Anthony Vincent is his stage name. His real name is Anthony Valbiro). He currently plays in the band Set the Charge, which has appeared at venues throughout the tristate area, including Stamford.

He said with all of the attention, he is hoping to focus more time on his band and his original songs and introduce that music to the large following he gained since the “Dark Horse” video was released. And, he continues to work at his Ten Second Songs business, which he said has helped him to hone his talent, both as a singer and songwriter.

He works out of Zedalza Studios in Port Chester, N.Y., where he films live segments of his music for his website. Valbiro said he has trying to keep the success in perspective, though he realized the reach when he recently got stopped by a fan in Grand Central Terminal.

He said he also is pleased that he has been able to introduce people to bands they might not have heard of, but should. He also is trying to keep the whole experience in perspective, and use what he has learned and the fans he has gained to move forward in his career.

“I knew I would eventually do something that would hit, I just didn’t know what it was,” he said.

Christina Hennessy