‘Objective-Subjective’ photography exhibition on view in Norwalk

Vera Sprunt Linger Mixed media hybrid photograph and painting

This weekend is your last chance to see “Objective-Subjective: Inside Contemporary Photography” at Leclerc Contemporary Gallery, 19 Willard Road, Norwalk.

The exhibition, which closes on Sunday, June 15, features the work of Regan Avery, Andrew Buck, Tom Cameron, Barry Guthertz, Gail Thacker, Barrette Langlinais, Builder Levy and Vera Sprunt (pictured).

Here’s more about the exhibition, via the gallery’s website:

Their work is the end result of making complex decisions about subject, object, location, format, timing, light, angle, distance, perspective, aperture, focus, equipment, materials, production and presentation. The work was created to share a point of view, document a journey, tell a story, plant an idea, grow a consensus, pose a problem, harvest an answer, gather the pieces and ultimately, make a picture for the rest of us to consider and to inspire us to do something.

Scott Gargan