Greenwich singer/actress stars in sci-fi film ‘Dinosaur Experiment’

For years, Jana Mashonee has been chasing her dreams of becoming a pop star.

Now, she’s the one being chased — by dinosaurs.

Mashonee, of Greenwich, is the star of “Dinosaur Experiment,” a new low-budget sci-fi adventure thriller that reached the Top 20 most rented Redbox films this week.

In her acting debut, the Grammy-nominated musician stars as Abbi Whitecloud, a bow-wielding waitress/would-be singer who must defend against a pack of vicious prehistoric velociraptors who threaten to overrun her small Texas town. She stars alongside Lorenzo Lamas, an FBI agent who comes to investigate the situation.

From what I read, this film is packed with all kinds of bloody dino carnage, with Mashonee playing the unlikely hero forced into action. If you’re a fan of dinosaur massacre flicks and B movie satires, you should definitely give this film a look. (It’s only a dollar and change at Red Box.)

Check out the trailer to “Dinosaur Experiment,” below:

Scott Gargan