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Sams Super Storage Shop

OK, here’s another rant. Another pet peeve. Storage Centers. I know, I know, sometimes your really need a place to stick some stuff for a short period. Aunt Millie died, and left you her antique

Put up a sign, Please

Well, it’s no secret to you that I spend Saturday mornings hitting the local tag (aka yard aka garage) sales. For years I’ve maintained a private rant about poorly executed sales—now I have a forum to

At the beach

I try to get down to the beach for at least a few hours every summer afternoon. There are really only ten weeks or so to do it—two in June, four each in July and August, and maybe a week or two in

Rainy Vacation

Sorry for the week-long absence, oh ye faithful blog-followers. I was away on vacation. A cheapskate’s vacation, of course. I opted to spend the 4th of July with my sister in her new Maine abode. My

The joys of summer (part 1)

Saturday evening. I was sitting outdoors at the Café Atlantique, with my husband and some good friends. Enjoying the (finally)summer sunshine. Listening to the thoroughly enjoyable blues of Dan

A new look

My Mom had a habit which all of her daughters have inherited—rearranging the furniture. My father used to joke that he’d better never come home drunk (he never did) because he’d be sure to crack his

Walking the shoreline

Yesterday I had the opportunity to accompany Frank Juliano on his “Breaking the Sound Barrier” walk from Milford Harbor to the Connecticut Coastal Audubon Center. I’d promised to join Frank, rain or

Farmers’ Markets!

Yoo Hoo! The Farm Markets are beginning this week. (Although I can’t imagine what local produce, besides lettuces and spinach, could be ripe this soon, and with this much rain.) The opportunity to buy