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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

: June, 2009

A new look

My Mom had a habit which all of her daughters have inherited—rearranging the furniture. My father used to joke that he’d better never come home drunk (he never did) because he’d be sure to crack his

Walking the shoreline

Yesterday I had the opportunity to accompany Frank Juliano on his “Breaking the Sound Barrier” walk from Milford Harbor to the Connecticut Coastal Audubon Center. I’d promised to join Frank, rain or

Farmers’ Markets!

Yoo Hoo! The Farm Markets are beginning this week. (Although I can’t imagine what local produce, besides lettuces and spinach, could be ripe this soon, and with this much rain.) The opportunity to buy

Strange Costs

First thing—the wedding was a beautiful, wonderful event. I owe big thanks to all for your good wished. My daughter was a dazzling bride, her groom a stalwart fellow, and Mom didn’t cry too much. But

No more hankies?

Whatever happened to ladies’ hankies? They used to be ubiquitous. When did they disappear? In preparation for the big wedding, and given that I tend to be quite emotional (I cry at Milford’s yearly

W minus 4 and counting

Wedding bubbles ($15 for 100 at Wal-Mart)-check. Programs printed-check. Outfit for rehearsal dinner (tag sale special)-check. Shoes ($19.95 at Marshals) broken in-check. My wedding rings

A wedding!

Saturday is my daughter’s wedding! My baby. And as you well know, a wedding is not about saving. Although we have managed to pull it of for lots less than the average. Cynthia got her dress at