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No more hankies?

Whatever happened to ladies’ hankies? They used to be ubiquitous. When did they disappear? In preparation for the big wedding, and given that I tend to be quite emotional (I cry at Milford’s yearly fire engine parade), I wanted to get some nice, lacy, feminine hankies—so much nicer than a roll of toilet paper, or even a ton of sodden tissues. I went to half a dozen stores, and nowhere could I find ladies hankies.

K-Mart had men’s handkerchiefs—package of four for $4.99. Now, why should I pay for four handkerchiefs, and five bucks at that, when I only need one—and they’re not even pretty?

GW’s, here I come. I knew it was a long shot. But once again, I got lucky at Goodwill. I found a new, unopened package of four men’s handkerchiefs—almost exactly the same as the K-Mart package, for just $2.00. So at least I’m covered for the wedding. My sure-to-be-copious tears will be discretely gathered.

But whatever happened to ladies’ hankies?