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Strange Costs

First thing—the wedding was a beautiful, wonderful event. I owe big thanks to all for your good wished. My daughter was a dazzling bride, her groom a stalwart fellow, and Mom didn’t cry too much.

But some interesting notes on costs. My daughter, as I mentioned, bought her dress on the clearance sale at a large bridal shop. Cost of the dress? $99. But, the dress needed slight alterations. She returned to that shop. Cost of the alterations? $250. And they were not done correctly and had to be redone.

My dress? $7.50 at Goodwill. Cost to dry clean? $20 (it has beadwork). Something seems out of whack here.

Ah, well, the wedding is behind me now. I’ll devote future blog entries to my main theme, saving. And lord knows I need to—my last day of work is June 30th. My long-term employer (eleven years), the Bridgeport Economic Resource Center, is closing its doors forever, leaving me unemployed. What better time to be bogging about cost-consciousness!