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At the beach

I try to get down to the beach for at least a few hours every summer afternoon. There are really only ten weeks or so to do it—two in June, four each in July and August, and maybe a week or two in September.

As a Milford resident the beach is free, as long as I’ve remembered to get my resident sticker. And it packs a million dollars worth of enjoyment. Sitting in my sand chair, feet in the water, watching the sailboats and the motorboats, kids and families frolicking in the surf. Or lying face down on my towel, toes dug into the hot sand, eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the surf, the seagulls—and of course snippets of conversation overheard as folks walk by.

An afternoon at the beach engages all of your senses—the aforementioned sounds, the gorgeous views, the smell of salt water, along with the tang of the salt on your lips. The hot sand and the cold, salty water feel wonderful.

Even when I’m reading my book or magazine, or dozing, the feel of being at the beach pervades my actions, making the moments special. It’s hard for me to imagine the unfortunate souls who live inland, and can only visit the shore for a week a year—or never! Kids that have grown up without ever spending a sunny summer afternoon at the beach.

Makes me all the more determined to take advantage of my good fortune. Look for me there again next Sunday!