Recovery in Darien continues

Two days after Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts continue in Darien. First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said that the Emergency Operations Center in Darien is in contact with State and Federal government  twice a day to relay Darien’s specific recovery needs.

According to Connecticut Light and Power about 50 percent of the town is currently without power, which is an improvement from the over 90 percent it was only a few days ago.

“Power to critical facilities has not  been totally restored and remains a priority along with the Post Road between I-96 and the railroad bridge for traffic safety,” said Stevenson in a storm update. She said that many areas, particularly north Darien, experienced broken and downed utility poles.

“Resetting poles takes time,” she said in the update.

Currently the town of Darien has 12 CL&P line and tree crews in town working in tandem with the Department of Public Works presonnel to clear roads still inaccessible to emergency vehicles.

As of Thursday evening Darien still had 26 public and over 22 private roads that were still inaccessible to emergency vehicles due to downed trees with wires in them.

“I have notified the Connecticut Department of Emergency management of this critical safety concern,” Stevenson said. “While we have made significant headway, we continue to receive new reports of critical blockages. These roads remain our highest priority.”

She said there are additional tree crews working to clear areas that do not involve utility wires and that the back bone of CL&P must be repaired before additional restoration can begin.

Stevenson urged residents to be vigilant regarding their personal safety and the safety of their children.

“Drive slowly on all roads and stop at all intersections,” she said in the update. “Do not attempt to clear trees from in and around power or other utility lines. Energized power lines can cross energize phone and cable lines. Generators must be properly installed and ventilated.”

The transfer station is open for debris to Darien residents with non-commercial vehicles until 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and from 10-5 on Sunday. Non-commercial vehicles can bring debris to City Carting in Stamford, according to Stevenson.

The first municipal leaf pick up is cancelled but elections will continue as scheduled.

“Any changes to polling places will be communicated,” said Stevenson.

She said that, at this point in the recovery process, residents tend to become frustrated and question the recovery efforts they are seeing.

“I can assure you that all resources we have available to us are dedicated to making roads passable and safe,” Stevenson said in an update. “Any additional resources we have that do not have line crew to work with have been tasked with recovery and cleanup.”

She urged residents to check on their vulnerable friends and neighbors, particularly elderly residents.

“Temperatures are getting colder and we want to be sure everyone is safe and healthy,” Stevenson said.