The Exxon Mobil Company has held the lease on CT’s highway rest stops for thirty years. Now they are leaving, the question of who pays for the cleanup caused by leaking fuel storage tanks is, of course, contentious. Until today, it appeared taxpayers were expected to be on the hook. Exxon Mobil must’ve gotten wind that this cartoon was going to appear in Sunday’s paper and simply buckled under the raw humiliation and intense pressure.

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Matt Davies

2 Responses

  1. BA ROgers says:

    wtf ct taxpayer? you are angry for what reason? that must be exhausting…

  2. CT taxpayer says:

    Wow. Nothing like the NewsTimes publishing left wing liberal trash cartoons depicting class warfare. How is that 10% (NEVER TO GO OVER 8% unemployment) rate treating the readers???.
    Typical liberal trash spewed about the wealthy job creators while we borrow billions to pay 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. The NewsTimes hasn’t a clue about economics….less of course you’re talking about Keynsian economics. When this country suffers the same fate of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, France and the rest of the Socialist Utopias I hope we remember who was calling the shots during our downfall.

    All liberals should simply take your filthy handouts and be jailed indefinitely if they (inevitably) complain when their kids can’t afford half the lifestyle that you’ve been generously afforded due to the blood and swet of generations of American dreamers/taxpayers. Oh wait…. I forgot that liberals don’t care about their kids financial futures. They only care about whether or not the lunch lady is serving their kids burgers with too much saturated fat.