Roulette Wheels On The Bus.

Anyone that has driven along the wide open stretch of I95 that carves its way up the coastline of Connecticut has a story, or two, about how they were cut off by a weaving and raging casino-bound bus going 90 mph+ in the right lane. Raised on European roads, I am no fan of plodding vehicular progress, but at about the size of a mature humpback whale, though driven in the manner a sports car, they are the most unnecessarily menacing, antisocial vehicles on the road. The horrific accident in the Bronx last week that killed 15 people was inevitable and completely preventable. The only surprise was that it took this long for something so terrible to happen.

In an economy such as the one we are enduring, is it really that difficult for the bus tour companies to find mature, non-sociopathic bus drivers to get to and from our casinos?

Matt Davies