Reading, ‘Riting, Rockets

In 2003 , when the Bush administration attempted to conjure a humanitarian narrative for Iraq, it desperately painted the country as on the brink of civil war, needing just that little push from “The Allies” to empower Iraqis to overthrow their murderous leader. We would be greeted as heroes.
Now that we are truthfully in that exact scenario with Libya, our intervention still feels wrong. It’s impossible in war to be surgically precise about who gets immolated. Perhaps I’ve witnessed too many grainy, sepia videos of our erroneous assassinations using predator drone strikes. Or maybe its the myriad headlines over the past eight years screaming the deaths of children and wedding parties in the far off lands that we are still liberating. I want to see Qaddafi go, but I’m not cheering our military intervention. So much for the Twitter revolution.

Matt Davies