How to follow me at the DNC


I can’t believe the time arrived for the DNC! I’ll be departing this Sunday afternoon and will be in Charlotte for the Convention until next Friday. It is sure to be an exciting time.

Let me tell you how you can follow my activity while I’m down there:

1. On my personal website/blog at!

I will be blogging the DNC at this location, and you should feel free to check back early and often.

2. Here, at!

My blog posts will be cross-posted on this blog and you should feel free to comment on my posts and suggest ideas or submit requests.

3. @ThomasCDec

I will be tweeting from the Convention and you should feel free to follow me for live updates. I will often use the hashtag #DNC2012, where you will be able to see an aggregated thread of convention tweets.

4. YouTube

I’ll be posting video content to my YouTube page. Usually, I will also post it here, but if you are active on YouTube, you should feel free to subscribe to my channel!

What sort of content will I post about?

I am going to do my best to update early and often, with pictures, video, and written reactions to the convention and its proceedings. I will have my smartphone and iPad in tact for the duration of the convention and will do my best to keep you updated. I will try to post each day’s schedule/agenda the day before so that you can check back.

Subscribe to receive daily updates!

You can subscribe to my email list and receive a summary of posts each morning at 7am. This means you won’t have to check back here each time I post, and you can pick and choose which posts you read!

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– Tom

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