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Struggling to get Passbook to work in iOS6? Here’s a solution

Are you like countless other iPhone users struggling to get Passbook, one of the most anticipated iOS6 apps that serves as a rewards card and ticket management system, to work? I was, too, until I stumbled upon a solution. It worked for at least one friend, and will hopefully work for you, too: Launch Passbook. […] [Read More]

PETA brings protest to SeaWorld’s Pinterest profile

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took advantage of a feature on a popular social-sharing site to protest SeaWorld. [Read More]

Apple board of directors: ‘The world is immeasurably better because of Steve’

Apple’s board of directors has just put out a statement on the passing of its great visionary and former CEO, Steve Jobs. [Read More]
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BREAKING: FBI warns of potential ‘Day of Vengence’ on Saturday

The FBI sent an email warning to officials across America warning them of a potential attack on financial and law enforcement entities by the hacking group Anonymous. [Read More]

Facebook changes revolutionize network for the better

Facebook has revolutionized its network for the betterment of its users. The social media giant has unveiled a transformed the profile interface that offers many beneficial upgrades. [Read More]

Facebook makes changes; users upset

Facebook has implemented several new changes to its network, leaving many users upset, and reminding others of Google Plus. Among the changes: An automatically scrolling newsfeed on the upper right corner of the screen that can be extended down toward the chat window The ability to mark posts as a “top story” by clicking the […] [Read More]

Spoof offers some real perspective on how important Facebook has become

A spoof film trailer making its way around the Web is offering a real glimpse into just how important Facebook — and other social media platforms have become. [Read More]
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Google+ is the future of social media

Within a year, Google+ will be more popular than Twitter and give Facebook a real run for its money. [Read More]