Struggling to get Passbook to work in iOS6? Here’s a solution

Are you like countless other iPhone users struggling to get Passbook, one of the most anticipated iOS6 apps that serves as a rewards card and ticket management system, to work? I was, too, until I

PETA brings protest to SeaWorld’s Pinterest profile

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took advantage of a feature on a popular social-sharing site to protest SeaWorld.

Apple board of directors: ‘The world is immeasurably better because of Steve’

Apple’s board of directors has just put out a statement on the passing of its great visionary and former CEO, Steve Jobs.

BREAKING: FBI warns of potential ‘Day of Vengence’ on Saturday

The FBI sent an email warning to officials across America warning them of a potential attack on financial and law enforcement entities by the hacking group Anonymous.

Facebook changes revolutionize network for the better

Facebook has revolutionized its network for the betterment of its users. The social media giant has unveiled a transformed the profile interface that offers many beneficial upgrades.

Facebook makes changes; users upset

Facebook has implemented several new changes to its network, leaving many users upset, and reminding others of Google Plus. Among the changes: An automatically scrolling newsfeed on the upper right

Spoof offers some real perspective on how important Facebook has become

A spoof film trailer making its way around the Web is offering a real glimpse into just how important Facebook — and other social media platforms have become.

Google+ is the future of social media

Within a year, Google+ will be more popular than Twitter and give Facebook a real run for its money.