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Hacker: I can hear you now


A hacker claims that he has broken the encryption that protects the majority of cell phone calls on earth, the Wall Street Journal reports

Karsten Nohl, a German hacker, said he and his small team have broken the code for networks that utilize GSM technology, which includes AT&T and 80 percent of the world’s wireless networks.  He said his purpose, according to the Journal, is to make phone carriers more serious about securing the calls.

The newspaper quoted him as saying he does not fear a lawsuit because “Everything we do is within the framework of academic research.”

The Journal reported that he is expected to prove his claim Wednesday.

If Nohl’s claims are true and his team’s research is used maliciously, we could all suffer. 

Let’s hope that regardless of whether his claims pan out that our nation’s cellular providers increase security and encryption.

Please click here to read the full Wall Street Journal report.

Jamie DeLoma