Going for a bike ride? Let Google guide you

Are you a BlackBerry or Android user about to embark on a bike ride?  Are you tired of the same old routes and looking for a new and exciting ride?  Google is here to help.

Google Maps for Mobile now provides biking directions on its mobile application. In addition to accessing directions, users can find helpful information as well as share places with friends, according to a company blog post.

Individuals have been able to access biking directions, trails and lanes from their computers for some time.

To get rolling, simply go to m.google.com/maps in your mobile browser and install the latest application version.

Are you looking for a new trail to explore? Tech Talk suggests checking out Hike it Up, a regularly updated blog dedicated to sharing the best sites in the state to explore — for both the seasoned and novice hiker alike.

Happy riding.

Jamie DeLoma

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