U.S. to disseminate Santa’s location through social media

For generations, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has kept millions of people around the world abreast of Santa Claus’ precise location each Christmas Eve. The dissemination began via the telephone began in 1955, the Web in 1998 and now is available through social media.

Beginning on Dec. 24 and running through Christmas Day, NORAD will share the latest location of Kriss Kringle.

Folks can follow the man in red through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Flickr and TroopTube — as well as on mobile devices, Time reported.

If you prefer to call NORAD, you still may: 1-877-Hi-NORAD from within the United States. Folks can also send Santa a letter at noradtrackssanta@gmail.com.

You may read more about how NORAD tracks Santa in the Tech Talk archives.

Jamie DeLoma