NBC apparently still does not understand the Internet

One of the fastest spreading video clips of the past week focused on NBC’s Today Show hosts trying to figure out what the Internet was back in 1994. It was an eye-opening clip, not because three of the most educated and connected broadcasters of the time were ignorant or stupid, but because it showed how far the network has come in less than two decades.

It was also great publicity for NBC, a network your Tech Talk editor once proudly produced and edited content for.

Unfortunately, according to Washington Post columnist Rob Pegoraro, the peacock network still doesn’t understand how the Internet works.

Pegoraro tweeted late Wednesday:

The guy who posted the 1994 Today Show “what is Internet?” clip on YouTube e-mailed to say he got canned for that. Ugh.

An organization as large as NBC should recognize that such an action would do nothing good — or crush the story. One would think NBC would know that its own reporting of the technology.

In fact, if the report is true, it will simply reignite the story and lead to criticism of the network. A story that initially brought smiles to countless viewers’ faces will now surely bring grimaces.

Miss the clip? Simply search Google for “Couric + Internet” and you will quickly find one of thousands of sources.

Not smart, guys.

Jamie DeLoma