Struggling to get Passbook to work in iOS6? Here’s a solution

Are you like countless other iPhone users struggling to get Passbook, one of the most anticipated iOS6 apps that serves as a rewards card and ticket management system, to work?

I was, too, until I stumbled upon a solution. It worked for at least one friend, and will hopefully work for you, too:

  1. Launch Passbook. You will get an error indicating it cannot connect to the iTunes Store.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Click “General.”
  4. Click “Date & Time.”
  5. Turn off “Set Automatically.”
  6. Click “Set Date & Time.”
  7. Change the year to 2015.
  8. Press the home button.
  9. Click Passbook.
  10. Press the home button.
  11. You’re in, but don’t do anything yet.
  12. Go back to the “Set Date & Time” tab.
  13. Turn on “Set Automatically.”
  14. Go back to Passbook. It should now work.

I think the Passbook, while of limited use now, has the potential to become invaluable to iPhone users.


Jamie DeLoma