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Facebook changes revolutionize network for the better

Facebook has revolutionized its network for the betterment of its users. The social media giant has unveiled a transformed the profile interface that offers many beneficial upgrades. [Read More]

Facebook makes changes; users upset

Facebook has implemented several new changes to its network, leaving many users upset, and reminding others of Google Plus. Among the changes: An automatically scrolling newsfeed on the upper right corner of the screen that can be extended down toward the chat window The ability to mark posts as a “top story” by clicking the […] [Read More]

Spoof offers some real perspective on how important Facebook has become

A spoof film trailer making its way around the Web is offering a real glimpse into just how important Facebook — and other social media platforms have become. [Read More]
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PETA uses DKNY’s Facebook page against it

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals used Donna Karan New York’s own social media presence against it on this, one of the largest online shopping days of the year. [Read More]

Facebook introduces ‘friendships’

Facebook has introduced a new feature to help highlight various relationships users share on the social network. [Read More]

WSJ: Your Facebook data is not safe

The most popular applications on Facebook have been transmitting identifying information to advertising and tracking companies, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tens of millions of users are affected — even those who have the strictest privacy settings, the newspaper reports. [Read More]

University encourages students to use Facebook more

As many colleges and universities encourage their students to sign off of Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and other social media sites while on campus, at least one American institution is encouraging increased usage. [Read More]

Facebook ‘dislike button’ is fake

Ever since Facebook introduced its feature that allows users to “like” something posted on a friend’s profile, users of the social network have asked for the ability to “dislike” content. Facebook has yet to introduce such a feature — but a new scam is making its rounds and taking advantage of many users. [Read More]