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At least the iPhone 4 offers some laughs

Although the iPhone 4 may not be as good as its predecessors — and may drop more calls than phones a half decade older, at least it offers the opportunity for a good laugh. Tech Talk strongly supports laughter, and so rather than offering a lengthy narrative, today, we offer some videos at the tech giant’s expense.

Apple tries to extinguish the fire raging over the iPhone 4

Apple’s chief executive officer tried to extinguish the fire raging around its newest device.

iPhone 3GS trade-in credit covers iPhone 4 cost

Is the $199 price tag the only thing stopping you from upgrading to the iPhone 4? If so, Radio Shack may have solved your problem.

The iPhone is back in the news and it’s better than ever

Despite having a some idea of what the next generation of the iPhone would have, Apple still managed to impress audiences — despite a rare glitch.

Wired: AT&T denies MMS/tethering iPhone rumors

AT&T has denied Internet reports that the telephone company would be delaying multi-media messaging (images, audio, video, rich text,) and that a tethering plan would cost an additional $55 per month for iPhone users in an e-mail to

Is the iPhone 3GS too hot to handle?

Reports are circulating around the Web suggesting Apple’s latest gadget — the iPhone 3GS — might be too hot to handle.

Need an incentive to upgrade your iPhone?

If the economy is the only thing keeping you from upgrading to the new new iPhone 3G S, you no longer have an excuse.

More bad news for Apple

Apple’s highly anticipated white iPhone 4 has been delayed — again.

Order Apple’s latest shiny gadget today

If you’ve been holding your breath in anticipation of ordering the new iPhone 4, prepare to exhale.

Apple board of directors: ‘The world is immeasurably better because of Steve’

Apple’s board of directors has just put out a statement on the passing of its great visionary and former CEO, Steve Jobs.