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Should officials tweet from executions?

Utah’s Attorney General is making headlines around the world for his use of social media to report the execution of one the state’s most notorious criminals.

Lieberman sponsors Internet ‘kill switch’ bill

Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., is sponsoring a disturbing bill that would grant the president far-reaching powers to take control of, or even shut down, parts of the Internet.

Google could have your passwords, e-mails, Web history

Google has acknowledged that its “Street View” vehicles have collected and stored data broadcast from wireless networks in Connecticut, the state’s attorney general’s office has announced. The information could include e-mails, Web browsing and passwords.

Controversial site honored with a Webby

A controversial website known as much for the naked men who seem to frequent it as for its innovative concept is being recognized by one with one of the Internet’s highest honors.

Businesses ‘Yelp,’ company makes changes

Yelp, a Web site that gives folks the opportunity to share business reviews and events, has been under increased pressure to change the way it operates — and finally has.

Censorship, or protecting national interests?

Facebook, according to at least one news report, is taking down fan pages that support the man who allegedly crashed a small plane into a Texas office building.

Times announces partial pay wall, but questions remain

The New York Times announced Wednesday that it would charge frequent visitors to its Web site to view content. Tech Talk supports this courageous decision.

UConn drops the ball

The Internet is an equal opportunity disseminator. It allows private citizens, print media, broadcasters and even universities compete to be the first to report a given item.

Wired justice isn’t blind

The American justice system is facing a threat that could result in the incarceration of the innocent and freedom of the guilty.

Tweet about toddler’s death sparks debate

As social networking becomes an increasingly integral part of our society, it could be expected that users will share more of life’s triumphs and tragedies. However, for one mom, sharing the loss of her young son sparked public outrage.