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‘Incredible’ lives up to the name

Tech Talk recently had the opportunity to take the HTC Incredible for a drive — and was blown away. [Read More]

Media turns to Twitter to break the story

When news of a potential shoe bomber allegedly trying to bring down a large commercial airliner over Denver raced across America two and a hours ago, I heard about it first on Twitter — which has become the rule more than the exception. [Read More]

Apple has yet another surprise up its sleeve

Apple apparently isn’t going to rest on its iPad laurels. [Read More]

The future is now

The iPad is now available at Apple and Best Buy stores across America. [Read More]
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Apple unveils its tablet… finally

Apple has unveiled the much-hyped and highly anticipated tablet device — known as the iPad. But is it worth the hype? [Read More]

Will today be the day?

The hour tech enthusiasts have been dreaming about for months is almost here. [Read More]

Don’t cut that landline yet

One of the biggest issues facing cell phone service providers is their inability to offer customers service during peak periods — like the dawn of a new year or during the height of a disaster. As I write this post just 80 minutes into 2010 on the East Coast, I lack cellular service from AT&T […] [Read More]

Follow Santa as he makes his annual journey around the world

Technology makes tracking Santa Claus as easy as entering a few key strokes and clicking through a few screens. [Read More]