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Apple unveils its tablet… finally

Apple has unveiled the much-hyped and highly anticipated tablet device — known as the iPad. But is it worth the hype?

Will today be the day?

The hour tech enthusiasts have been dreaming about for months is almost here.

Don’t cut that landline yet

One of the biggest issues facing cell phone service providers is their inability to offer customers service during peak periods — like the dawn of a new year or during the height of a disaster. As I

Follow Santa as he makes his annual journey around the world

Technology makes tracking Santa Claus as easy as entering a few key strokes and clicking through a few screens.

Court: Microsoft violated patent; Word sales threatened

A federal appeals court upheld a $200M judgement against Microsoft Corp. and issued an injunction that will stop the technology giant from selling some of its Word software until it is altered, the Associated Press reports.

Reading the pulse of our society

In its most recent company blog post, Facebook offered a perspective of the world as perceived through the words of the social network’s users in status messages over the past year.

$26 software used to breach advanced U.S. military equipment

Insurgents are using inexpensive software to breach one of America’s primary tools in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, senior defense and intelligence officials were quoted in a prominent American newspaper as saying.

Are you harboring child porn?

Internet users across the country have woken up this week to devastating news of new malware that could plant child pornography onto innocent people’s computers.

Where were all the experts?

The prospect of a 6-year-old floating away to his potential doom captivated cable and Internet news consumers for hours on Thursday. However, when it was determined the boy was hiding in a box in his home rather than a UFO-shaped balloon, questions began to emerge.

Don’t become too dependent on social networking

Has social networking become part of your daily routine at work? If so, you might soon have to go through withdrawal.