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Control what Google knows about you; learn about yourself

Google has made it easier than ever to understand what personal information is collected, who it is available to and gives you the power to change such settings.

Livery cabs may become WiFi hotspots

A venture capitalist hopes to equip 1,000 livery cars in New York City with WiFi by early fall, the Wall Street Journal reports — and then blanket the city with roaming hotspots.

Amazon to release new, less expensive Kindle

Amazon will release a less expensive version of its e-reader next month, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Have a question? Just ‘Ask’

Has your mind been plagued by a question? Are you desperately looking for a straight answer and not just a bunch of links? All you have to do is ask, or rather go to

Apple tries to extinguish the fire raging over the iPhone 4

Apple’s chief executive officer tried to extinguish the fire raging around its newest device.

Contract up? Go with the Incredible

Is your contract about to expire? Is it time to decide to sign on to another two years with your current carrier or jump ship? The decision is easy — go with Verizon and the HTC Incredible.

Make your Gmail signature shine

Google has made its e-mail system more rad — or at least clickable, shiny and customizable.

Well-known virtual shop to be shuttered

Physical storefronts aren’t the only places be shuttered this year. A well-known virtual one is closing its digital windows on Aug. 1.

Starbucks to offer free WiFi to all

Starbucks will offer free WiFi for everyone beginning July 1.