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Going for a bike ride? Let Google guide you

Are you a BlackBerry or Android user about to embark on a bike ride? Are you tired of the same old routes and looking for a new and exciting ride? Google is here to help.

And the world gets a little bit smaller

The twitterverse is on the verge of getting a whole lot smaller — that is, if a report posted Wednesday night on TechCrunch is correct.

Sharing news as it happens

One of the most amazing things about this decade’s technological advancements is how quickly and easily it has become to dissminate information to a large audience.

‘Incredible’ lives up to the name

Tech Talk recently had the opportunity to take the HTC Incredible for a drive — and was blown away.

Sony hits one out of the park for baseball fans

Sony will reportedly announce Thursday that PlayStation3 owners will be able to watch out-of-market Major League Baseball games live through their Internet-connected video game consoles by the end of the week.

Perhaps I need proper bagging training

Technology can often make our lives easier and relieve some of life’s frustrations — and sometimes it can do just the opposite.

Facebook more of a melting pot than America?

A just-published Mashable graphic effectively highlights Facebook’s primary demographics consist, and illustrates how the social network may be a greater melting pot in the United States than the country itself.

Apple has yet another surprise up its sleeve

Apple apparently isn’t going to rest on its iPad laurels.

Take an out-of-this-world tour of the Olympics cities

If you think you get a good view of this year’s Olympics host city from the slopes, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Here’s looking at you

It is important to understand the risks of the gadgets you are bringing into your home — and bedroom.