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Report: Google collected sensitive data

Google collected sensitive data, including passwords, a French data protection agency examination has found.

Will Google go all in against Skype?

Google is testing a new feature that would allow its e-mail users to access a dialpad, contact search, their credit and a call button, according to a published report.

Skeptical about Google Docs? Try it out for yourself — without registering

Are you a Google Documents skeptical? Have you ever given the powerful Web-based suite a try? If you haven’t, now is your chance — and best of all, you don’t even have to register for anything.

Google could have your passwords, e-mails, Web history

Google has acknowledged that its “Street View” vehicles have collected and stored data broadcast from wireless networks in Connecticut, the state’s attorney general’s office has announced. The information could include e-mails, Web browsing and passwords.

Google allows users to show off their bling — or loved ones

Google has been giving users the information they craved since iGoogle’s debut half a decade ago. And now they are preparing to take it a step further.

Going for a bike ride? Let Google guide you

Are you a BlackBerry or Android user about to embark on a bike ride? Are you tired of the same old routes and looking for a new and exciting ride? Google is here to help.

Google is all the ‘Buzz’

Google has announced its entry into the social networking arena, and confirmed the reports Tech Talk cited Monday.

Google to unveil social networking element

Google will launch a new feature as early as this week to make sharing media and updates with friends easier, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Google launches Nexus One

Rejoice! Google’s new phone, the Nexus One, is now available for purchase.

Google wishes you a happy new year in a colorful way

Google users have come to expect the search engine giant to ring in various dates of interest by decking out its homepage icon with appropriate garb.