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Man announces his death on Twitter

A young man announced that he was about to kill himself earlier this week on Twitter.

Sharing news as it happens

One of the most amazing things about this decade’s technological advancements is how quickly and easily it has become to dissminate information to a large audience.

Perhaps I need proper bagging training

Technology can often make our lives easier and relieve some of life’s frustrations — and sometimes it can do just the opposite.

Here’s looking at you

It is important to understand the risks of the gadgets you are bringing into your home — and bedroom.

Wired justice isn’t blind

The American justice system is facing a threat that could result in the incarceration of the innocent and freedom of the guilty.

Tweet about toddler’s death sparks debate

As social networking becomes an increasingly integral part of our society, it could be expected that users will share more of life’s triumphs and tragedies. However, for one mom, sharing the loss of her young son sparked public outrage.

Reading the pulse of our society

In its most recent company blog post, Facebook offered a perspective of the world as perceived through the words of the social network’s users in status messages over the past year.

Facebook remembers

Facebook will “memorialize” the profiles of dead users when their loved ones request it, the Associated Press reported.

Delicious will rock your world

I am not sure when I first heard of Delicious, the social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage, search and share Web sites, but I am sorry I have not tried it sooner. The site is as practical as it is simple — and a must-use for everyone.

Internet offers the faithful direct access to the Almighty

Anyone with Internet access now has easy, direct access to what is considered by many one of the most sacred places on earth.