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Start spreading the news — on Twitter

Thursday afternoon’s devastating storms illustrated the potential social media offers news organizations.

Google says it broke the law, sort of

Google has asserted that the collection of personal information from unsecured was not illegal. Too bad it didn’t read its own wireless privacy policy.

Report: Google collected sensitive data

Google collected sensitive data, including passwords, a French data protection agency examination has found.

Should officials tweet from executions?

Utah’s Attorney General is making headlines around the world for his use of social media to report the execution of one the state’s most notorious criminals.

Controversial site honored with a Webby

A controversial website known as much for the naked men who seem to frequent it as for its innovative concept is being recognized by one with one of the Internet’s highest honors.

Bradley gets another set of eyes

A new high-tech camera is watching passengers walking through Bradley International Airport, according to WTNH-TV.

AT&T having 3G issues?

Some AT&T customers are suffering from the loss of 3G coverage.

‘Incredible’ lives up to the name

Tech Talk recently had the opportunity to take the HTC Incredible for a drive — and was blown away.

Social networks and news: Where’s the line?

As an increasing number of news organizations join social networks, it is important to ask: Are the rules different for what one should disseminate on air, in print or on their websites versus on Twitter or Facebook.

Media turns to Twitter to break the story

When news of a potential shoe bomber allegedly trying to bring down a large commercial airliner over Denver raced across America two and a hours ago, I heard about it first on Twitter — which has become the rule more than the exception.