Tech Talk

Observations from Jamie DeLoma, journalist and computer nerd

Vibe Tribe utilizes social networking to connect, offer feedback

What began just 13 years ago as a small community of people united by a common desire to celebrate Jerry Garcia’s music has transformed into a powerhouse. [Read More]

Google to give 100K users access to Wave this fall

Google recently announced that about 100,000 users will be invited to take a test drive of the company’s reimagined Web-based e-mail interface known as Google Wave beginning on September 30. [Read More]

Check out the eclipse of the century… live on the Internet

The longest total solar eclipse of the century will plunge parts of Asia into the darkness tonight at 8:15 p.m. E.D.T., NASA reports. [Read More]

Remembering an out-of-this-world walk

Although you may feel like you know all that there is to know about the historic steps Neil Armstrong took 40 years ago tomorrow on the moon, the Internet opens up the flood gates to information, video and images you have likely never seen — or least appreciated — before. [Read More]

Remembering ‘Uncle Walter’ in his own words

Very sad news broke tonight: legendary newsman Walter Cronkite died at 92. [Read More]

Google to introduce PC operating system

Google announced the development of a new operating system late Tuesday on its blog. [Read More]