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All eyes on Apple

The technology world’s collective eyes will be focused on Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference beginning Monday in San Francisco.

‘Incredible’ lives up to the name

Tech Talk recently had the opportunity to take the HTC Incredible for a drive — and was blown away.

Apple unveils its tablet… finally

Apple has unveiled the much-hyped and highly anticipated tablet device — known as the iPad. But is it worth the hype?

Smart phone transforms man into citizen medic

Smart phones are not only helping people around the world try their hand at journalism. They are also saving lives.

Google launches Nexus One

Rejoice! Google’s new phone, the Nexus One, is now available for purchase.

Don’t cut that landline yet

One of the biggest issues facing cell phone service providers is their inability to offer customers service during peak periods — like the dawn of a new year or during the height of a disaster. As I

Wired justice isn’t blind

The American justice system is facing a threat that could result in the incarceration of the innocent and freedom of the guilty.

AT&T resumes online sales of the iPhone for NYC residents

New York City customers could once again purchase the iPhone online, Tech Talk has confirmed, as the Associated Press originally reported Monday afternoon.

Vibe Tribe utilizes social networking to connect, offer feedback

What began just 13 years ago as a small community of people united by a common desire to celebrate Jerry Garcia’s music has transformed into a powerhouse.

Wired: AT&T denies MMS/tethering iPhone rumors

AT&T has denied Internet reports that the telephone company would be delaying multi-media messaging (images, audio, video, rich text,) and that a tethering plan would cost an additional $55 per month for iPhone users in an e-mail to