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And the world gets a little bit smaller

The twitterverse is on the verge of getting a whole lot smaller — that is, if a report posted Wednesday night on TechCrunch is correct.

Glitch exposes private Facebook chats

Facebook inadvertently allowed some users’ instant messages and friend requests to become public, the Wall Street Journal reports, as a result of a bug.

‘Incredible’ lives up to the name

Tech Talk recently had the opportunity to take the HTC Incredible for a drive — and was blown away.

Social networks and news: Where’s the line?

As an increasing number of news organizations join social networks, it is important to ask: Are the rules different for what one should disseminate on air, in print or on their websites versus on Twitter or Facebook.

Teen treks to N. Pole to raise awareness, earn Foursquare badge

Parker Liautaud, with help from the General Electric Co., is going to the top of the world to raise awareness about environmental issues facing our planet — and to encourage young people to get involved in working toward solutions.

Media turns to Twitter to break the story

When news of a potential shoe bomber allegedly trying to bring down a large commercial airliner over Denver raced across America two and a hours ago, I heard about it first on Twitter — which has become the rule more than the exception.

Businesses ‘Yelp,’ company makes changes

Yelp, a Web site that gives folks the opportunity to share business reviews and events, has been under increased pressure to change the way it operates — and finally has.

Facebook more of a melting pot than America?

A just-published Mashable graphic effectively highlights Facebook’s primary demographics consist, and illustrates how the social network may be a greater melting pot in the United States than the country itself.

Twitter becomes a little more divine

Anyone who ever said Twitter was just a waste of time and used only by the self-absorbed should look to one if its newest users. It could very well lead to inner peace.

Google to unveil social networking element

Google will launch a new feature as early as this week to make sharing media and updates with friends easier, the Wall Street Journal reports.