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Woman faces pokey after Facebook poke

A Tennessee woman was arrested for allegedly poking someone on Facebook.

Don’t become too dependent on social networking

Has social networking become part of your daily routine at work? If so, you might soon have to go through withdrawal.

Skype grows in users, usability

Skype, a service that provides free video and voice calls, instant messaging and file sharing capabilities, is a must-have tool for all Internet surfers.

Ride the wave, dude!

Do you want Google Wave? Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

Poll asking if Obama should be killed has been pulled, probed

A survey that asked Facebook users if President Barack Obama should be assassinated was removed.

Twitter becomes part of community

Here’s yet another example of how Twitter is taking a foothold in today’s society — how tweeters are benefiting the world at the same time.

Worm spreading through Facebook newsfeed

A new worm is spreading across the Facebook social network in an unusual way.

Delicious will rock your world

I am not sure when I first heard of Delicious, the social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage, search and share Web sites, but I am sorry I have not tried it sooner. The site is as practical as it is simple — and a must-use for everyone.

Facebook unveils yet another Twitter-like development

Facebook has recently unveiled yet another Twitter-like feature, Keith Whamond, executive producer of Hearst Connecticut Media Group Interactive, just informed me through, what else, Facebook.

Facebook clears the clutter

Facebook has unveiled a new, bare-bones version of its social network recently.