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Ride the wave, dude!

Do you want Google Wave? Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

Public finds another advocate?

I was reading a story recently when a term I had never read before popped out at me: The Fifth Estate.

Water discovered on the moon

Three different spacecraft have discovered “unambiguous evidence” of water on the moon, reports.

Google to give 100K users access to Wave this fall

Google recently announced that about 100,000 users will be invited to take a test drive of the company’s reimagined Web-based e-mail interface known as Google Wave beginning on September 30.

The biggest losers

To truly appreciate a winner, you can’t forget the losers — or else the triumph of victory won’t seem as significant.

Wired: AT&T denies MMS/tethering iPhone rumors

AT&T has denied Internet reports that the telephone company would be delaying multi-media messaging (images, audio, video, rich text,) and that a tethering plan would cost an additional $55 per month for iPhone users in an e-mail to

Is the iPhone 3GS too hot to handle?

Reports are circulating around the Web suggesting Apple’s latest gadget — the iPhone 3GS — might be too hot to handle.

Social networking isn’t perfect

For all the strengths and advantages social networks offer users, there are also real risks and problems.

One small step for tweeters, one giant leap for mankind?

TIME features a Web site that speculates about what historic figures might have tweeted.