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NBC apparently still does not understand the Internet

One of the fastest spreading video clips of the past week focused on NBC’s Today Show hosts trying to figure out what the Internet was back in 1994. It was an eye-opening clip, not because three of the most educated and connected broadcasters of the time were ignorant or stupid, but because it showed how far the network has come in less than two decades. [Read More]
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Government leaders use social media to reach their constituents

As the region struggled to dig out from last month’s blizzard, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch utilized a powerful new tool: social media. [Read More]

Prepare for the inaugural ‘Break Up with Your Ex’ day

Let’s face it, it’s often difficult to let go. The same certainly holds true of significant others — past and present. However, it is often critical to do exactly that and let go to stay healthy and maintain a level head. [Read More]

Unprecedented assault rages across Twitter network

Thousands of accounts on Twitter have been hijacked and turned into spammers at a speed never before seen, Mashable reports. It may be tied to the recent attack against Gawker and its 1.3 million commenters. [Read More]

WikiLeaks incident demonstrates cyberspace is not as remote as it may appear

The world’s reaction to the WikiLeaks diplomatic cable leaks has shined a light on how even the Web could fall in line with the world’s standards, expecations and influences [Read More]

U.S. to disseminate Santa’s location through social media

For generations, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has kept millions of people around the world abreast of Santa Claus’ precise location each Christmas Eve. The dissemination began via the telephone began in 1955, the Web in 1998 and now is available through social media. [Read More]

Amazon pulls plug on WikiLeaks; Lieberman praises move

on has reportedly cut ties with WikiLeaks, the controversial site that has released classified military and diplomatic documents. [Read More]

New site gives potential residents a local’s perspective

A new website has the potential to change the way folks look at America’s cities. [Read More]