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Well-known virtual shop to be shuttered

Physical storefronts aren’t the only places be shuttered this year. A well-known virtual one is closing its digital windows on Aug. 1.

Press, public connect on social media during storm

As Thursday’s storm ravaged Southern Connecticut, the news media joined forces with the public to tell an effective and dynamic story.

Zombies are invading Newsweek

Newsweek has been invaded by an army of zombies — or more likely geeks.

Technology helps area musician record, share soothing sounds

Technology is music to one area musician’s ears.

Google allows users to show off their bling — or loved ones

Google has been giving users the information they craved since iGoogle’s debut half a decade ago. And now they are preparing to take it a step further.

And the world gets a little bit smaller

The twitterverse is on the verge of getting a whole lot smaller — that is, if a report posted Wednesday night on TechCrunch is correct.

‘Incredible’ lives up to the name

Tech Talk recently had the opportunity to take the HTC Incredible for a drive — and was blown away.

Social networks and news: Where’s the line?

As an increasing number of news organizations join social networks, it is important to ask: Are the rules different for what one should disseminate on air, in print or on their websites versus on Twitter or Facebook.

Teen treks to N. Pole to raise awareness, earn Foursquare badge

Parker Liautaud, with help from the General Electric Co., is going to the top of the world to raise awareness about environmental issues facing our planet — and to encourage young people to get involved in working toward solutions.

Always assume you don’t have privacy online

When you enter information online, it is always best to assume it will be compromised — particularly on unsecure Web sites, like Facebook.