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U.S. to disseminate Santa’s location through social media

For generations, the North American Aerospace Defense Command has kept millions of people around the world abreast of Santa Claus’ precise location each Christmas Eve. The dissemination began via the telephone began in 1955, the Web in 1998 and now is available through social media. [Read More]

RockMelt:Exactly what a browser should be

A new browser is changing the way people surf the Web and share information. [Read More]

Stop blaming technology and take responsibility for your actions

It’s time people stop complaining about the information posted online about them, and start acting more in line with how they would like to be perceived. [Read More]

Twitterverse takes another hit

Hackers have discovered a new way to rock the Twitterverse Tuesday. [Read More]

Dirty truth behind Craigslist’s decision to drop adult services

Craiglist’s decision to drop its adult services section is being hailed as a victory — but is it really? [Read More]

‘Dry Erase Girl’ revealed to be a hoax

The young woman who became an overnight Internet sensation — and even sparked a Facebook group calling for her to pose in “Playboy” — for seemingly quitting her job through a series of 33 photos — each with another detail about her resignation and supposed former employers — is a hoax. [Read More]

Well-known virtual shop to be shuttered

Physical storefronts aren’t the only places be shuttered this year. A well-known virtual one is closing its digital windows on Aug. 1. [Read More]

Press, public connect on social media during storm

As Thursday’s storm ravaged Southern Connecticut, the news media joined forces with the public to tell an effective and dynamic story. [Read More]