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Protest Ringling Brothers Circus in Bridgeport

The circus is coming to Bridgeport as it does every October.  If you care about wild animals, you can join the protest rally to be held there against circus animal abuse.  See below for the details on

Oceans of Plastic

Our oceans are turning into plastic, killing millions of birds, turtles, sharks, dolphins, whales and leaching dangerous poisonous chemicals. You probably have heard about the Great Pacific Garbage

Bring Earth Day Home

April 22 is Earth Day.  What can you do to bring Earth Day home in a real proactive way? Check out a couple of my previous blog posts. I’m recycling them in honor of the day. Wacky Ways To Recycle

Hummers Are Coming Back

April 5 – Hummingbirds are on their way back to Connecticut. One was sighted in in Connecticut on April 3rd and one was seen in Massachusetts yesterday.  The hummers seem to be coming back to us

Wacky Ways to Recycle in CT

I am NOT going to talk about how to recycle plastic or metal or paper.  How boring!  Plus you know how to do all that already, right?  I want to tell you about  the  fun and quirky ways to recycle

Fisher Cats in Connecticut !

The other day I found the tail and one leg of a gray squirrel in my backyard in Black Rock.  What could have done this ? !  I put the word out in my neighborhood thinking it was most likely done by a

Will The Circus Ever Leave Town? – Bridgeport Elephant Abuse

Everyone loves the circus, right ? Not any more.  Since the late 1990s protests against circuses and their use of wild animals for entertainment have gained momentum. Protesters talk about actual

Controlling Connecticut Skeeters

Controlling and Destroying Those Bloodsuckers I hate mosquitoes!  They seem to be everywhere this summer! What in the world are mosquitoes good for anyway? Mosquitoes are eaten by lots of other

Kidnapping Baby Animals

Each year in spring and early summer, people find baby birds or mammals in their backyard or in a local park. The babies are often cute, helpless, and seem friendly.  People usually think the animal

Easy Things To Do To Go Green

I was going to write all about April being National Frog Month, but now that Earth Day is upon us I changed my plan. I can’t believe it is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.    Here is a link to a